12 October 2007

More About me...

More about me…

I officially enlisted into the United States Navy (Meaning I finally swore in and shipped out) on 28 November 2001. Upon arriving to Recruit Training Command Great Lakes(RTC), I was greeted in the usual fashion by the screaming Recruit Division Commander (RDC) standing outside of the bus and yelling at everyone to hustle and get into the building. As fate would have it, that screaming RDC just happened to be my Eldest Uncle, CTRC(SW) John Salas (ret.) I was enrolled into a 900 division, which for those who don’t know where the elite and “special” divisions for exceptional future sailors or those with special talents. I ended up being on the honor guard and graduating a division that originally won an Honor Division Award (meaning we had excellent academic scores and behavior while in basic training.)

After graduation from RTC, I attended Naval Hospital Corps School across the street at Naval Training Command Great Lakes. 4 months later I was on my way to my first Duty Station: Naval Hospital Bremerton / Fleet Hospital Bremerton Detachment. I worked Labor and Delivery from June of 2002 until June of 2003 when I transferred to Branch Medical Clinic Puget Sound Naval Shipyard (BMC PSNS). Shortly before transferring to BMC PSNS, I was deployed in support of Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom with Fleet Hospital Eight. I worked in both the original 116 bed and later the 250 Bed Medical Expeditionary Facilities (Think M*A*S*H, only with Navy Medicine) in the Medical/Surgical and Psychology Suites.

After Fleet Hospital Eight, I got to BMC PSNS and worked as Supply Petty Officer for almost a year. I also worked Military Sick Call, as I had received orders to Yokosuka, Japan to the USS CHANCELLORSVILLE (CG-62). I arrived in Japan on the 14th of July 2004 and reported aboard my first Navy Warship, the Might Chancellorsville, or as some would affectionately refer to it later… Cell Block 62. I spent a year and a half aboard until I did a hull swap with the USS SHILOH (CG-67). I am due to transfer in July of 2008 when I will hopefully be attending Surface Force Independent Duty Hospital Corpsman School at the Naval School of Health Sciences in San Diego, California.

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