12 October 2007

Welcome... I think...

Although I have a few other blog sites, I've decided to focus my attention on this one. I have recently been inspired by my friend Jim and a number of other Military Blog sites to vent my frustrations and get out my point of view on things. So here I am… allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Vince, I’m 25 and a Second Class
Hospital Corpsman in the United States Navy. I have been serving now for close to six years (next month marks my 6th year of service.) I am engaged to marry in December of this year. My lovely fiancé has a two year old son from a previous relationship, and they are currently both in the Philippines awaiting visa approval to come over to be with me.

By “come over here” I mean Japan… as I am currently serving aboard a Guided Missile Cruiser in the
Forward Deployed Naval Forces based out of the city of Yokosuka. Let me tell you… trying to marry a foreign national is anything but a walk in the park… but I love my Genevie and am confident that all of the headache, heartache and money involved in making her my wife is worth it.

I have been serving aboard a ship now as the Leading Petty Officer for a little over three years. I am on my second extension and am awaiting approval to attend Independent Duty Hospital Corpsman School next summer. I didn’t originally want to be an IDC. originally I wanted to become a Nurse Corps Officer. But when I was due for sea duty, I found my way to my first ship and got to see exactly what an IDC is capable of and responsible for, and I developed a thirst for the job.

I’ll get more into who I am in the next post… duty calls… I have sick call patients at my door. Until next time…

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