18 November 2007

I hate the Air Det!

Screw the air detachment on this freaking boat! Sundays are “Relaxed Foot ware” day onboard my ship at sea. Which means that we are authorized to wear tennis shoes instead of our working boots as long as it doesn’t interfere with our job. This month, I am the flight deck corpsman, which means that I go to the Helo Hanger whenever they call away flight quarters and I sit in a corner waiting for people to get hurt. I don’t man a fire hose, I don’t really go out on the flight deck. I just sit inside the skin of the ship waiting.

One of the Jerk-off Khakis on the air det decided to single me out for wearing tennis shoes as opposed to wearing boots. Mind you, half the air detachment was wearing tennis shoes, as well as the Officer In Charge of the Air Detachment and a few of the pilots. This Asshole addresses one of the E-6’s in the helo hanger in front of my face, instead of relaying his concerns directly to me. Mind you, I DO NOT work for that E-6, but since the E-6 is spineless (like the majority of the E-6’s on the boat.) he told me that for the next flight quarters I need to wear my boots. Normally, I would just oblige and be a good little sailor and follow orders… however, since this air detachment chief… errr… khaki chose to single me out (instead of the other 15 people that had tennis shoes on) I find this a little one-sided and unjustified.

This isn’t the first Air Detachment Chief…. Errr… khaki to single me out either… months ago my ship was in Guam and I was out with some of my friends at a Gentlemen’s Club (one of these friends was an E-6 too) when it was about 45 minutes to curfew. We had a car, and the base was only about a 15 minute drive away… the last bus back was leaving and this guy decides to talk to me (the only minority in the group) and tell me that since we are missing the last bus, he will be waiting on the quarterdeck for me, and if I am so much as a second late, he will have me standing before the captain.

I don’t know what it is with the air det chiefs khakis… they like to try and catch me slipping like I am some kind of trouble maker. I swear to Christ that this fucking place sucks. I apologize for the inappropriate language… but I am a sailor and an angry one at that… This is one of the few times that I am pissed about something that inadvertently affects me. I really need outta here… before I lose what’s left of my mind.

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